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Our Newest Projects

Carolinas Healthcare System
Valdese, NC Campus

Newest Project

This large outdoor landscape mural is 70 feet in length, with one end starting at 17 feet high and stepping down to 3 feet. One unique aspect is the continuation of the mural on to the floor, which gives a sense of depth.

North Carolina Mural Artists

Painting wall and canvas murals throughout North Carolina and the entire mid-Atlantic Region

FREE consultations, original color sketches and cost estimates
828-438-0844 or 704-488-3353

Wife and husband Casey & Tom Kilgore of CK Paints create, design and paint wall and canvas murals. Our custom hand painted murals appear in homes, churches, schools, hospitals and retail businesses throughout North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic region.

Based near Charlotte, North Carolina our wall mural work takes us from Pennsylvania to Virginia to Florida. Canvas wall art can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States.

What began as pure fun in painting murals and doing wall treatments (faux finishing, trompe l'oeil) for friends and family has become a fun business. This has allowed us to meet wonderful people and make many new friends.

We have been designing and painting murals, wall art and doing wall treatments for over 10 years. Casey is a muralist/designer with over 15 years experience working with small business owners and homeowners. Tom studied watercolor and acrylic painting as a vocation for many years before taking an early retirement from the graphic arts industry to join Casey in her business.

We offer free consultations, a set of original color sketches and a cost estimate. Cost for each project is determined by the size, surface (interior, exterior) and complexity/detail of the desired mural or wall treatment. We have a minimum of $250.00. Contact us for your wall or canvas mural estimate or more information.